Vileda Case: How to Make Transparent Prices for the Entire Range of the Company

About how Vileda, a company that sells innovative cleaning products, monitors prices, and what tasks it solves with the help of the Priceva service. Told by a key account and territorial managers of the Vileda company.

About the Company

The Vileda brand is a member of the international technology group “Freudenberg Group” - The company has been operating for more than 70 years and has sales departments in all major European countries, North America and Asia, as well as representative offices around the world.

The main focus of the Vileda brand is technological and innovative cleaning solutions. The range of the brand presented on the market includes such categories as:
  • Electrical goods
  • Wet cleaning Products
  • Brushes
  • Napkins and rags
  • Sponges
  • Gloves
  • Laundry care
  • Window washing
  • Disposable masks

Vileda’s USP

Vileda considers its strength to be that customers and their needs are always at the center of the company's attention. Product developers go to households and thoroughly study exactly how people use their cleaning equipment at home. The team evaluates the problems that are identified during this process, ranks them according to their importance, and then consistently works to improve the most popular functions.

The next step is to create preliminary concepts and prototypes. This is when we come with an idea and work it out. And then the team invites customers to the company to test the new products and get feedback.

As a result, all products developed by the company, be it a mop or even a sponge for washing dishes, are set apart from the rest thanks to their ergonomics, functionality, innovation and great attention to detail.

Here, for example, is a description of the Vileda microfibre Flat Mop Refill.
Napkins, sponges and refills of this company do not leave streaks, remove bacteria and microbes with the use of only water and serve for a long time. The mops are also characterized by being incredibly convenient and easy to operate.
The company values the quality of its products and maintains constant communication with customers in the form of a hotline, it is also open to any customer questions and is ready to refund goods in any disputable situation. But it is worth noting that such situations are extremely rare due to the high quality of the products.

How Monitoring was Carried Out Before Automation

The company's representative office sells more than 100 SKUs to the market under the Vileda brand.

In order to effectively manage the assortment and prices, it was important for the company to establish price monitoring for all its products on the market.

Until June 2021, price monitoring was performed manually by the company's employees. The work was carried out selectively and was not done on a regular basis. It was inconvenient and labor-intensive. That’s why it was decided to automate the price monitoring process. The original proponents of monitoring automation were our marketing and sales departments.

A colleague from the distributor company recommended considering the Priceva service. The company then organized a competitive selection of services capable of performing the tasks. At the last stage, the choice came down to three services. The price monitoring service Priceva turned out to be optimal in terms of price — quality — solved tasks.

The launch of monitoring took about 3 weeks, including the tender. There were no difficulties when setting up and launching the service.

Tasks Facing Price Monitoring

The key tasks facing automated monitoring:

1. Control of MSRP on trading platforms and in key retail networks
It is important for the company to help partners keep prices within the recommended price range. A strong deviation of prices both up and down serves as a signal to contact the employees of the network or store with a recommendation to remain in line and fix a possible mistake.

2. Out-of-stock control
The company is also interested in ensuring that the representation of the entire range of partner companies is as complete as possible. If some product disappears from the assortment matrix of the store, the company's employees can quickly see it by monitoring availability, and contact the managers of partner stores in order to try to replenish the inventory of these products as quickly as possible.

3. Monitoring of promos
Allows to see when companies start promotional events and at what price they sell products as part of these promotions.

Who is Being Monitored

In total, 28 trade organizations selling the company's products are being monitored.
Among them are general store companies, multinational companies, huge home improvement and gardening retailers.

The monitoring also includes marketplaces where the company's products are sold.

How is the Work Organized in the Priceva Service

At this stage, 4 employees of the company from the marketing and sales departments work in the service. The most active users are the key account manager and the territorial manager. On average, they spend 2-3 hours a week analyzing monitoring data, but in tense moments when special control over the situation with prices is needed, the working time in the service can reach 5 hours a week.

The specialists work primarily through dashboards and tables in the personal account of the service. If necessary, the data is exported to a spreadsheet for further processing, analysis and preparation of reports.

Monitoring Automation Results

1. The service has covered all the needs for price control. The simple interface of the personal account with various charts, graphs and statistical indicators helps to quickly navigate the current situation, identify key trends and notice deviations.

2. During the year since the launch of automated monitoring, it has been possible to debug the uninterrupted operation of monitoring recommended prices.

3. The result of this campaign was more effective compliance by partners within the MSRP. The improvement was 20% of the indicators recorded before the start of monitoring.

4. Monitoring of promotions, balances and competitors' prices at key sites, including marketplaces, also contributed to the correct planning of shipment volumes and the almost complete absence of out-of-stock incidents.

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