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Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring

Our innovative and user-friendly software will provide a range of unique opportunities:

  • Receive info about price fluctuations
  • Achieve a range of targets at the same time
  • Track the dealers’ and the partners’ prices

Powerful Features

No tech integration
Our software doesn’t need any tech integration.
Regular notifications
Information about price fluctuations is sent to you by e-mail several times a day.
Frequent updating
Data is updated regularly, so you always receive current prices.
Even non experts can use our program.

MAP Monitoring Software

What is it?

By setting the minimum advertised price (MAP), you can make sure that sellers always price your goods reasonably. But how to keep tabs on multiple products and stores? It’s almost impossible to track price tags manually, which is why you need MAP monitoring software.

This is an algorithm-driven tool that scans prices and searches by product name or other parameters like SKU. You can connect an unlimited number of sites and marketplaces and get regularly updated price statistics. If any seller violates your MAP recommendations, you will be immediately notified to prevent wrong pricing from damaging your reputation.
The MAP monitoring solution by Priceva allows you to automate the process of price tracking by connecting to as many online stores as you need. Thanks to our proprietary algorithms and unique approach, the software provides accurate and relevant information. The crawler can be set up to search products by name, SKU and other parameters.

You can configure alerts and reports that will notify you when products change in price. The results can be analyzed in detail thanks to advanced filters. Customize your reports defining which fields you want to be displayed, and set up the price update frequency.

Key features of MAP monitoring

  • Excel reports and API integration
  • Email alerts about changes in prices and MAP violations
  • Monitoring in all currencies and cross-conversion

MAP monitoring by Priceva - comprehensive data

at your fingertips

Prices are critical to 87% of buyers. Very cheap goods are expected to be of poor quality, while more expensive ones repel users and force them to search for alternatives. Hence, too low or too high prices can affect your brand reputation. That’s why manufacturers introduce Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) for their products. But do sellers follow this recommendation?

ECommerce giants like Amazon are constantly monitoring competitors and the market, and accordingly, they adjust their prices dozens of times every day. The same goes for the websites of major airlines, car rental agencies, hotel reservation sites, and virtual retail portals specializing in everything from books and cosmetics to toys and appliances.

The modern MSRP business world waits for no one. Here you have to be active 24/7 and keep an eye on the market. Fortunately, there’s no need to do it manually - with MAP monitoring, you can automate the process and get notified when sellers violate your pricing guidelines.
MAP tracking software by Priceva allows you to:
  • Get timely pricing data as often as you need (up to every hour);
  • Monitor as many products and websites as you need;
  • Receive email alerts about MAP violations;
  • Structurize pricing data in the form of comprehensive reports;
  • Customize your report fields and export them flawlessly.

You can launch scanning by product name, SKU and certain parameters. The Priceva team will help you with monitoring setup and report customization. Data can be presented in graphic form as well as MAP violation screenshots - make sure all your team members can reap and interpret the information.

With MAP monitoring, you rest assured that sellers stick to optimal prices that won’t affect your brand and perceived product value.

MAP Violation Tracking


About 30% of tracked products every day are connected with serious MAP violations.

$2.5 billion

Every year, $2.5 billion USD is lost in the USA due to MAP violations.


This results in an 18% loss in profit margins.
Also, the majority of Internet retailers are unauthorized. Thus, MAP monitoring is a crucial tool for those who want to protect brand image and maintain a stable sales volume. We offer the best tools for MAP monitoring.

How to start

Create an account
Enter your name, email address, and main preferences
Make a list of products
In XML, Excel or CSV files
Upload the products in an account
Publish the products in the project
Add links to sites
You can add links either on your own or entrust this task to our team

Pricing and Plans


Up to 40 sites/competitors
100 000 — price checks per month

Matching services available on demand:
Contact us

Up to 20 sites/competitors

20 products
  • Manual
  • Automated

Repricing module
MAP monitor module
/no credit card needed
Matching services available on demand:
  • Manual
  • Automated
Up to 30 sites/competitors
35 000 — price checks per month
Repricing module
MAP monitor module
Premium support

Custom set of features
Custom contracts & invoicing
High-performance builds with SLAs

Customer Stories

Ready to get started?
Get a free demo project

Useful MAP Monitoring Resources

The majority of Internet retailers and sellers know about our software, and they’ve already tried it. Now it’s high time for you to use Priceva’s MAP monitoring services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MAP?
MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. Awareness of the competitors’ MAP can be used to increase sales.
How is MAP pricing calculated?
MAP pricing is calculated manually or by means of special software. The second way is faster, easier, and more trustworthy.
Who sets MAP pricing?
MAP prices are set by manufacturers. To obtain the figure, you need to calculate an average value depending on each trader’s price.
Why is the minimum advertised price needed?
It is necessary in order to optimize the process of price formation. It will help to establish the most profitable prices based on the reports.
Can retailers sell below the minimum advertised price?
Yes, they can, but it will inevitably lead to losses in commerce.
What is a MAP violation?
It is a violation of accepted MAP policy. Our software will help you to find the cases of such violations.
What is MAP monitoring software?
It is a wide range of programs that are used in order to monitor minimal advertised stock prices of competitors. There are many programs available out there, but only some of them are efficient, including our software.
How can I get a demo of your MAP monitoring software?
Go to our official website. There, you will find a demo version to practice with.

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