Price Comparison Software

  • Get real-time pricing data and regular notifications
  • Perform in-depth market analysis to stay competitive
  • Monitor thousands of products every day
  • Receive reports and repricing recommendations
  • Find opportunities to capitalize on high demand
  • Develop dynamic pricing strategies

What Is Price Comparison Software for?

Price comparison software serves to monitor and analyze product pricing in online stores and marketplaces in order to develop a dynamic pricing strategy and adjust to ever-changing markets. Powered by smart algorithms, price comparison software by Priceva analyses thousands of product pages to deliver real-time data and enable you to:

  • Find how much competitors charge for similar products or services;
  • Stay in the know about price updates made by competitors and react proactively;
  • Detect the right opportunities to promote your products and attract an audience;
  • Receive repricing recommendations and set competitive prices;
  • Monitor product availability and restock your products at the right time;
  • Develop a data-based dynamic pricing strategy.

On top of that, you can fully automate the repricing process in your webstores. Priceva software will help you manage tons of data and save your time dealing with manual pricing updates. Finally, you will be able to collect, structurize and analyze pricing information using price comparisons in order to develop strategies that bring results.

What are the advantages of Priceva's Price Comparison Software?

Priceva offers a comprehensive suite of price monitoring tools that work in conjunction with our price comparison software. What makes our solution a great fit for e-commerce businesses?

  • Infinite scalability. Our software can parse thousands of products and websites without geographical restrictions. It can fetch data even from bot-proof websites and deliver information in a digestible form.
  • High recognition rates. Our proprietary tracking algorithms are being constantly improved to ensure efficient parsing of SKUs. You can process large data sets and get accurate results without the risk of human errors.
  • Easy customization. Create custom fields in your reports, specify the type and characteristics of monitored products, create formulas for repricing suggestions – Priceva dashboard provides a wide range of useful tools for you to analyze prices more efficiently than ever before.
  • In-depth market outlook. Priceva not only tracks real-time prices but can also analyze historical price performance for you to see competitors’ seasonal strategies, adapt your current prices and take advantage of the moments when their products are out of stock. The price comparison software can be enhanced by our MAP monitoring tools that will help you keep your own prices under control.

Price Checking & Comparison Software

Priceva pricing software allows you to monitor prices for an unlimited number of items. Our algorithms are designed to search for products by brand, categories, SKUs and other parameters. It allows you to scan all possible competitor pricing options and save time on manual analysis. All findings are structured in neat, easy-to-read tables and reports. You can get actionable pricing insights every day and adjust your rates accordingly.

How do we search?

After fetching competitor prices from different websites, Priceva software will analyze data and indices. You can compare prices on the market by using the following metrics:

  • Indexes for brands allow performing competitor analysis and understanding when and what changes to make to your pricing strategy.
  • The repricing index will show how much your real price differs from the rate recommended according to your chosen strategy. The higher the index, the more prices need to be adjusted.
  • Indexes for categories show when you need to pay attention to a certain group of goods.
  • Indexes for goods serve to analyze specific products versus competitors’ substitutes.
  • Finally, the data relevance index shows the relevance of data in calculation.

All the data is clearly visualized in Priceva’s dashboard. Use color schemes and filters to see the object’s status and get price optimization suggestions.

How to Get the Most Out of Price Comparison Software?

Priceva provides the whole spectrum of services for efficient market analysis. The scope of our software’s possibilities goes well beyond price monitoring – here’s how you can get the most out of our solution.

Find competitors’ strategies and compare products by offers or promotions. It will enable you to identify the right moments for discounts and sales, as well as skim profits during the high demand period.

Refill your stock in a timely manner. By staying in the know about competitor prices and orders, you can make predictions concerning their product availability. When they are out of stock, you can charge more for your items and skim profits.

Set notifications to stay in the know about the latest price changes. If you want to keep tabs on particular products or competitor prices, you can set up daily updates. Priceva will parse webstores as regularly as you need it to and provide you with well-structured reports in our user-friendly dashboard.

How to start

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Pricing and Plans


Up to 40 sites/competitors
100 000 — price checks per month

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Up to 20 sites/competitors

20 products
  • Manual
  • Automated

Repricing module
MAP monitor module
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Matching services available on demand:
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Up to 30 sites/competitors
35 000 — price checks per month
Repricing module
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