Pricing Solutions for Pricing & Promotion Teams

Streamline price formation process – you no longer need to perform time-consuming analysis of your competitors’ solutions. With Priceva, you can get relevant pricing data up to several times a day. Promotion and building of price strategies have never been so simple.

Reach All Your Goals

Get deeper market insights with the opportunity to track as many competitors as you need
Automate the price formation process and save boatloads of time for your pricing & promotion teams
Reduce the risk of human mistakes and test different pricing scenarios in advance
Introduce dynamic pricing for separate items and product categories, and automate pricing updates in your webstores
Enjoy flawless price management across multiple seller channels without having to spend more time doing it
Get transparent reports with relevant analytics and make data-driven decisions

Put Price Optimization on Autopilot

With advanced price optimization tools at your fingertips, you can quickly respond to market changes, set correct prices and maximize your profit margin. Priceva provides a comprehensive set of solutions for pricing and promotion teams – all powered by our proprietary technologies and algorithms.

Track Prices

There is no need to monitor your own and competitors’ prices manually – entrust this task to Priceva’s price tracker. It will perform fast website scraping and provide relevant pricing data as often as you need. Depending on the amount of items and webstores to be analyzed, you can receive relevant data up to several times a day. On top of that, Priceva can send you notifications about changes and violations of rates.

Analyze Competitors

With an automated price intelligence solution, you can easily keep tabs on global and local markets regardless of how many competitors and products are being tracked. Our advanced algorithms deliver unmatched crawling speed and deliver regular pricing updates. You will be able to compare competitors’ quotes, find optimal price points and adjust them proactively. All the data is presented in the form of easy-to-read reports on our user-friendly dashboard.

Automate Repricing

Forget about manual update of prices across all your reseller channels - our repricing software can automate the whole process for you. It will track the prices of products in certain categories or in certain stores, and let you know when it’s time for you to raise or lower your rates. You can set prices via API or fully automate pricing updates – just set a formula and kick back. As a result, you can maximize your revenue depending on wholesale prices or what your competitors charge.

Optimize Further

In order to figure out optimal retail prices, you need to take into account a wide range of factors and metrics, not only competitor prices. Priceva’s optimization tool generates recommendations based on product elasticity, sales history, as well as in-depth price analysis. No need to guess – receive real-time price data to make decisions and enjoy limitless agility in price formation. Combined together, our solutions allow you to figure out the best price optimization models for your retail business.

How Priceva Works

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Build your product list
  • Utilize XML, Excel, or CSV files to compile a comprehensive list of your products.
  • Upload and publish your product list within your Priceva account.
Step 3: Add website links and delegate if desired
  • Add the relevant links to the websites where your products are listed.
  • If you prefer, you can delegate the task of adding the links to our experienced team.
Step 4: Configure repricing rules
  • Establish your repricing strategy using our rule-based repricing system.
  • Customize the rules based on the specific needs of your bestsellers and various product categories.
Empower Your Business with Priceva's Price Tracking Solution
Take charge of your pricing strategy with Priceva's powerful price tracking tools.

Other Solutions

Merchandising Team
Set competitive prices on separate products or product categories, implement dynamic repricing and test pricing scenarios to develop promo packages

E-commerce Team
Get data-driven market and competitor insights, fully automate the process of repricing and price formation, and boost your sales.

Data Team
Process tons of pricing and product data flawlessly - let our algorithm analyze your competitors while you receive formula-based pricing recommendations.

Executives Team
Identify the strong points in your products to improve monetization, figure out prices that align with brand positioning and get actionable market insights.

Explore and Learn

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