Solutions for Brands

Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring
Prevent dumping and guarantee price transparency for all partners:
  • set up daily price control for each product separately for your reseller;
  • receive alerts on deviations from the recommended price.
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Price Optimization
We use artificial intelligence to select the best pricing solutions.
Pricing decisions are made based on data, not on intuition or personal experience.
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Assortment Analysis

Increase sales and profits:
  • receive and apply data on the representation and availability of your products from reseller;
  • анализируйте объемы продаж брендов-analyze sales volumes of competing brands by category or time period.
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On-shelf Monitoring

We will show which products are not available in stores and what percentage of stores have goods in stock.

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Empower Your Business with Priceva's Price Tracking Solution
Take charge of your pricing strategy with Priceva's powerful price tracking tools.


  • Any problems are resolved swiftly. We don't encounter lengthy auto-responses, directives to 'submit through the feedback form', anonymous operators, or other common inconveniences often found in IT companies today.

  • The service offers comprehensive statistics, user-friendly filters, and an extensive range of metrics that can be utilized for repricing. Notably, the subscription fee is among the most competitive in the market.

  • Everything is straightforward to configure, and the monitoring proceeds effortlessly, practically on autopilot, ensuring our prices consistently remain slightly below our competitors'. The support team is highly responsive – rest assured your issue will be resolved!

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