Pricing Solutions for E-commerce Teams

Fully automate the workflow of price management – let Priceva solutions deliver data-driven market insights, eliminate the risk of human error and turbo-charge your sales volume. Our software allows you to compare competitor quotes, get formula-based pricing recommendations, and update prices in all your webstores without hassle.

Reach All Your Goals

Enjoy market transparency and easily keep tabs on competitors and your resellers
Make correct data-driven decisions with historical and real-time pricing data served in the form of easy-to-read reports
Automate the repricing process and save dozens of working hours for your employees – Priceva will instantly update your rates over all your webstores
Reduce the risk of human error and let our software test all possible selling scenarios
Optimize prices in a smarter way – apply repricing rules to certain webstores, items or product categories
Be in control over your stock with in-depth digital shelf analytics and a product availability tracker

Pricing for E-commerce Teams

Running an e-commerce business means you need to monitor prices across multiple online channels and web shops. With Priceva solutions, omnichannel price optimization is no longer a challenge: our software fully automates pricing analysis and provides users with personalized data-driven recommendations. Our tools save e-commerce projects tons of manual work, so they can focus on business development. Here’s how Priceva solutions can be useful for your e-commerce specialists.

Track Market Prices

No matter what exactly your e-commerce niche is, it is crucial to keep an eye on average market prices – they serve as references for you to build positioning and sell products or services efficiently. Our price tracker allows you to monitor as many websites as necessary, even bot-proof ones. Priceva algorithms efficiently discover the cost of products, as well as historical price performance.

Get Notified About MAP Violations

No more worries about resellers putting your brand positioning in danger – Priceva software will notify you if anyone violates a pre-set price edge. The information about pricing can be updated several times a day, so you will receive instant notifications and be able to react without delay. Our MAP monitoring tool searches for products by name or SKU, so you won’t miss a thing.

Explore Competitors’ Stock

Priceva allows you to track not only pricing – our digital shelf analytics tool provides relevant information about assortment, availability, product page content, buyer queries on marketplaces and search engines, as well as user reviews and sales details. You will be able to analyze competitor products across all channels without tiresome manual searching.

Forget About the Searching Routine

If you have many competitors and your categories of products are hard to search for, you can trust product matching to Priceva. It will surf the net to discover all possible product analogues, scale up and analyze hundreds or thousands of identical items. Products can be searched using SKU, name, and other parameters. The data is served in our user-friendly dashboard, and can be delivered in the form of reports.

How Priceva Works

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Build your product list
  • Utilize XML, Excel, or CSV files to compile a comprehensive list of your products.
  • Upload and publish your product list within your Priceva account.
Step 3: Add website links and delegate if desired
  • Add the relevant links to the websites where your products are listed.
  • If you prefer, you can delegate the task of adding the links to our experienced team.
Step 4: Configure repricing rules
  • Establish your repricing strategy using our rule-based repricing system.
  • Customize the rules based on the specific needs of your bestsellers and various product categories.
Empower Your Business with Priceva's Price Tracking Solution
Take charge of your pricing strategy with Priceva's powerful price tracking tools.

Other Solutions

Pricing and Promotions
Explore the market and find reference prices, test scenarios and develop super-efficient promo campaigns.

Merchandising Teams
Set competitive prices on separate products or product categories, implement dynamic repricing and test pricing scenarios to develop promo packages.

Data Teams
Process tons of pricing and product data flawlessly – let our algorithm analyze competitors and receive formula-based pricing recommendations.

Find strong points in your products to improve monetization, figure out prices that align with brand positioning and get actionable market insights.

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