Pricing Solutions for Fashion & Apparel

Use Priceva to develop a winning assortment at unbeatable costs. Find out what exactly can help you as a brand or retailer to succeed in the field of fashion & apparel.

Reach All Your Goals

Create a value product that satisfies the demands of buyers while also balancing sales volume, profit margins, and discount depth.
Make higher profits than ever before with stock level targets and deadlines
Sort your products into distinct categories with varied repricing rules for each
Get a complete look at the current market situation, as well as live analysis
Automate the tedious and monotonous tasks so that you can focus on developing your business
Receive notifications about price changes and policy violations
Use data from your analyses to create the best possible markdown sequence

Pricing for Apparel Retailers & Brands

Develop a pricing strategy that works for you

Set up price ranges for various product categories in your range depending on supply and demand, competitors' activities, and significant market issues. Priceva tracker will continuously monitor competition prices, providing you with timely insights and pricing suggestions based on our unique algorithms. This is a more cost-effective approach to maintain price monitoring and analysis than doing it manually. This should help you with developing clothing pricing strategy.

Understand consumers’ activities

When you employ Priceva, you'll get actionable product performance data and insights into consumers' purchasing habits. That will allow you to build a more cost-effective pricing strategy, plan sales events, and select the correct position. Run our price intelligence software to see whether or not various concepts and messaging approaches work. As a result, your pricing will be in line with your brand and consumer expectations, allowing for greater income.

Get ahead of your competitors

While competition in the retail sector is fierce, you only need to know who your real rivals are. You may discover comparable items and services with our product matching tool, which allows you to create accurate databases and comparison reports. Our algorithms keep track of pricing and availability for each item so that you can keep tabs on your competitors without getting bogged down in details.

Manage prices on a global scale

Fashion and apparel companies must be aware of how prices vary in different countries, as what may be considered affordable in one place could be viewed as expensive elsewhere.

MAP software from Priceva is ideal for businesses that need to keep track of pricing policy in various countries. You may look at an unlimited number of local markets and obtain data that will help you set yourself apart from the competition as well as contact your target demographic, no matter where they are located.

How Priceva Works

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Build your product list
  • Utilize XML, Excel, or CSV files to compile a comprehensive list of your products.
  • Upload and publish your product list within your Priceva account.
Step 3: Add website links and delegate if desired
  • Add the relevant links to the websites where your products are listed.
  • If you prefer, you can delegate the task of adding the links to our experienced team.
Step 4: Configure repricing rules
  • Establish your repricing strategy using our rule-based repricing system.
  • Customize the rules based on the specific needs of your bestsellers and various product categories.
Empower Your Business with Priceva's Price Tracking Solution
Take charge of your pricing strategy with Priceva's powerful price tracking tools.

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