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Dynamic Pricing Software

  • We offer the best automatic price recommendations for you to make optimal decisions.
  • The pricing can be adjusted according to current inventory and sales targets.
  • You can receive information about your competitors’ prices and your customers’ demands.

Powerful Features

The segmentation model is continually updating according to the current needs of your business.
The segmentation model is continually updating according to the current needs of your business.
Customers’ readiness to pay is also considered.

Intelligent Dynamic Pricing

Addressing Important Challenges

Today, many retail chains in different categories and formats have a large number of SKUs, whose pricing is usually done according to the same rules and markups set for the product category, depending on its role and strategy. That said, price transparency and competition forces chains to apply competitive pricing and price optimization to individual SKUs.

One of the key challenges of retail pricing is balancing the often fierce competition on front-basket and KVI baskets with the ability to price the rest of the back-basket assortment and retain, or even increase, gross revenue with the chosen pricing solution. The problem is exacerbated by the need to localize prices at the level of individual clusters of online stores based on the price recommendations.

How to maximize revenue and maintain sales

  • With our dynamic pricing software, you can solve this problem with the help of special functions:
  • Selecting and setting a rule-based Pricing Strategy to increase Gross Revenue or Revenue, depending on your goals;
  • Setting a scalable and data-driven target value: for example, maybe you don't want to maximize Gross Revenue, but only increase it by 5% or 10%;
  • Dynamic pricing based on sales and price segmentation statistics, taking into account seasonality, price sensitivity factor by SKU, formats, regions up to store clusters, and if you have developed an individual marketing strategy, then to customer segments;
  • Separation of predefined pricing software rules and restrictions by front-basket, KVI and back-basket;
  • Formation of a price ladder by price range in ecommerce. The differentiation of prices in the range is strengthened by using the ”profit triangle” principle. This allows you to get the maximum from the entire category during self-service;
  • Conducting optimized scenario modeling of price change calculations and selecting the most appropriate dynamic pricing matrix for your purposes during the forecasting;
  • Prioritizing reprice, in order to reduce the operational load on the online stores when the price minimum margin changes.
With configurable and personalized dynamic pricing software, everything is under your control. You can set strict limits on dynamic price increases, sales reductions, and minimum profitability for individual SKUs and the entire category, as well as individual baskets.

How to Get Started

Create an account
Enter your name, email address, and main preferences
Make a list of products
In XML, Excel or CSV files
Upload the products in an account
Publish the products in the project
Add links to sites
You can add links either on your own or entrust this task to our team

Pricing and Plans


Up to 40 sites/competitors
100 000 — price checks per month

Matching services available on demand:
Contact us

Up to 20 sites/competitors

20 products
  • Manual
  • Automated

Repricing module
MAP monitor module
/no credit card needed
Matching services available on demand:
  • Manual
  • Automated
Up to 30 sites/competitors
35 000 — price checks per month
Repricing module
MAP monitor module
Premium support

Custom set of features
Custom contracts & invoicing
High-performance builds with SLAs

Priceva's Dynamic Pricing Tool

With our software and pricing tools you can confidently solve a number of important tasks through special functions:

  • Extracting additional gross income and raising the profit margin due to the elasticity of demand, i.e., by lowering the price we increase sales volume and thus recoup the losses from the discount;
  • Copying the actions of stronger competitors in the struggle for customers, for example, when your competitor makes a promo for every other product in the category, and you repeat after them simply because you are afraid of losing customer traffic.
Ready to get started?
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Useful Resources

Almost all the well-known e-commerce operators have already started working with our dynamic pricing software, so it’s high time for you to do it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of dynamic pricing?
The software is based on the most efficient machine learning algorithms. Information about prices and their optimization is updated often and regularly.
What is a dynamic pricing strategy?
It is a strategy of changing prices according to shoppers’ demand and their readiness to pay. The competitors’ prices are also considered while developing a pricing strategy.
Is dynamic pricing legal?
Yes, our software is legal and licensed. With our software, e-commerce retailers don’t take any illegal actions.
How do I implement dynamic pricing?
First, visit our website. Then follow the instructions, they are simple and clear.
What is dynamic pricing software?
It is special software for ecommerce retailers that helps them change their prices while considering a range of price-formation factors and price actions.
How does Priceva software set dynamic prices?
Dynamic pricing is based on both smart algorithms and simple formulas. It is focused on the competitors’ information.
How is Priceva’s dynamic pricing solution different?
Our software is user friendly and available even for those who have never used dynamic pricing technologies. Also, we offer a wide range of additional options for ecommerce.

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