Price Intelligence Software

  • Maximize your business potential with Price Intelligence Software - the ultimate solution for price tracking and intelligence.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with our unmatched crawling speed and accurate price comparison. Track online prices, gain insights, and optimize your strategies.
  • Access user-friendly dashboards and ready-made reports for effortless analysis.
  • Unlock the power of price Intelligence tools and elevate your pricing game today.

Powerful Features

  • Easy customization
    Customize with ease and gain a competitive edge with Price Intelligence Software. Track competitor prices effortlessly, whether it's your entire assortment or specific product categories, locations, or channels.
  • Targeted coverage
    Benefit from targeted coverage by monitoring both local and global competitors. Choose the marketplaces or regions that matter most to you and stay informed about market trends.
  • High accuracy
    Experience unrivaled accuracy with our AI-powered software. It efficiently crawls even bot-proof websites, providing you with precise pricing data to establish optimal prices.
  • Maximize Profitability
    Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with our price scraping software. Take control of your pricing strategy and maximize your profitability today.

Pricing Intelligence Platform

Supercharge Your Business with Competitive Pricing Intelligence Solution
Stay ahead of the competition and outperform other brands and retailers in your industry. Our AI-powered price intelligence tool, Priceva, provides real-time competitor insights, enabling you to make data-driven pricing decisions.

Effortless Competitor Price Monitoring
With Priceva, you can handle competitor price monitoring effortlessly. Gain valuable pricing data from major marketplaces and local stores. Our comprehensive platform ensures you have a complete picture of your competitors' price strategies.

Comprehensive Insights for Effective Pricing Strategy
Say goodbye to overlooked aspects of your competitors' activity. The price intelligence system empowers you to incorporate all necessary factors, from product details to shipping information, to optimize your pricing strategy effectively.

Transform Your Business with Accurate Data-Driven Decisions
Stay competitive, maximize profitability, and dominate your market today by transforming your business with accurate data-driven pricing decisions.

In-depth Pricing Overview

In-Depth Pricing Overview with Priceva's Price Intelligence Tool
Gain valuable information about product costs and choose what you want to monitor. This could range from specific brands and categories to different marketplaces. With Priceva, create customized filters based on your requirements for a thorough pricing overview.

Intelligence Data on Competitors' Activities
Our software provides intelligence data on competitors' promotional activities, market price positioning, and MAP monitoring. These datasets are meticulously presented in easy-to-read charts and graphs through our user-friendly interface.

Comprehensive Market View for Increased Margins and Sales
By comparing competitor offers from various perspectives, you'll gain a comprehensive view of the market. Obtain crucial price intelligence through Priceva and utilize this knowledge to increase margins and boost sales.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Experience the power of a comprehensive dashboard with the price intelligence tools. Navigate effortlessly through the user-friendly interface and unleash full-fledged analytical capabilities. The default view presents a product catalog pricing table, allowing you to easily compare your competitors.

The powerful visualization eliminates the learning curve, enabling anyone on your team to read and analyze the information effortlessly. For added flexibility, the dashboard lets you filter and sort data according to your specific needs. Export graphs and charts as Excel reports to save time and maximize the benefits of market insights.

Product Details

Relevant Metrics

Utilize Relevant Metrics and Pricing Data with Price Monitoring
Harness the power of relevant metrics and pricing data with the help of price monitoring. The pricing board provides you with essential insights needed for your business. This includes:

  • Comparing your prices to competitors
  • Filtering by brand and category
  • Assessing your positioning
  • Analyzing the impact on your sales and growth

Track Evolution of Your Marketing Strategy
Further, our tool helps you track the evolution of your marketing strategy over time. This enables you to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales approach
  • Understand areas for improvement to drive conversions and profits

Enhance Your Business with Our Pricing Intelligence Tool
Stay informed and optimize your pricing strategy to achieve greater success. Harness the power of our pricing intelligence tool and:

  • Leverage relevant metrics to make data-driven decisions
  • Maximize your competitive advantage today

In essence, the tool serves as an integral component of your strategic approach to pricing, helping you keep pace with the dynamics of the market.

Unbeatable Accuracy

Our AI-powered solution utilizes a patented crawling system to monitor even bot-proof websites. Stay informed with regularly updated insights, accessing both historical price performance and real-time quotes.

Priceva's pricing tools empowers you with fresh and relevant information, enabling you to build a comprehensive marketing strategy, forecast competitor sales, and create better offers. Automate time-consuming tasks and focus on refining your products and promotional campaigns.

Gain a competitive edge with unparalleled accuracy. Maximize your business potential, optimize pricing decisions, and drive success. Monitor competitors prices to follow market trends and revolutionize your business today.

Price Intelligence in Numbers

Online stores optimize their prices with Priceva
Brand companies use our MAP Monitoring
35 000
Sites scanned daily
Countries covered
Up to 10 mln
Prices scanned daily for our projects

How Priceva Works

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Build your product list
  • Utilize XML, Excel, or CSV files to compile a comprehensive list of your products.
  • Upload and publish your product list within your Priceva account.
Step 3: Add website links and delegate if desired
  • Add the relevant links to the websites where your products are listed.
  • If you prefer, you can delegate the task of adding the links to our experienced team.
Step 4: Configure repricing rules
  • Establish your repricing strategy using our rule-based repricing system.
  • Customize the rules based on the specific needs of your bestsellers and various product categories.

Pricing and Plans

Designed for businesses with advanced pricing needs
  • Monitor up to 20 sites/competitors

  • Manually upload your product links or batch import

  • Manual and Automated Repricing module

  • MAP monitor module

  • Price, availability, and discount change notifications
  • All Starter features

  • Monitor up to 30 sites/competitors

  • 35,000 price checks per month

  • Additional data collection

  • Price monitoring in different currencies

  • Unit conversion, packaging conversion using formulas
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  • All Business features

  • Monitor up to 40 sites/competitors

  • 100,000 price checks per month

  • Customizable monitoring frequency

  • User management

  • Protected sites scanning

  • Data export via feeds in CSV, XML, JSON formats
Tailored to meet the unique needs of large-scale businesses.

  • All Pro features

  • Custom set of features

  • Custom contracts & invoicing

  • High-performance builds with SLAs

  • Premium Support
/no credit card needed
Ideal for growing businesses that need more comprehensive features
Explore our service with the trial plan, which includes managing up to 20 products
Empower Your Business with Priceva's Price Tracking Solution
Take charge of your pricing strategy with Priceva's powerful price tracking tools.

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