Pricing Solutions for Marketing Teams

With Priceva, you can get relevant pricing data several times a day. You no longer need to spend extended periods analyzing your competitor's solutions, because we have streamlined the price formation process. In addition, promotion and building price strategies have never been so simple with our easy-to-use interface.

Reach All Your Goals

Make data from different areas of your business talk to each other. Add data from all channels and sources, including market changes that influence sales in your retail solutions, such as product discoverability, search engine rankings, product copy and images, and product ratings and reviews. Welcome to the future of retail optimization!
  • Improve your product's exposure and brand recognition on search engines and e-commerce platforms
  • Collaborate with sales, merchandising, finance, and e-commerce teams to implement informed collaborative plans
  • Deliver the right items at the best costs on the discovery platforms that your customers are interested in
  • Use our intelligent pricing bundles to estimate the optimal discount for your products
  • Provide customers with more value and convenience, increase sales, and grow customer loyalty
  • Optimize your product and pricing image management thanks to our versatile platform

Pricing for Marketing Teams

The days of analyzing your competitor's prices manually are over! With Priceva, you can get accurate pricing data multiple times per day to help streamline your marketing strategy formation process. Promotion and construction of price strategies have never been easier.

Automate Price Changes

Never waste your time updating prices manually on all your reseller channels – our repricing software can automate the entire process for you. It tracks product prices in real time across different stores and notifies you when it’s necessary to raise or lower rates. You also have complete control over updating pricing and can do so manually or automatically via formula. In other words, this software provides you with a flexible solution, whether based on wholesale prices or what your competitors charge.

Keep an Eye on Prices

Priceva's price tracker will relieve you of the burden of manually monitoring prices for both yourself and your competitors. Instead, fast website scraping provides relevant pricing data quickly and easily, so you can focus on more critical tasks. Depending on the number of items and websites being analyzed, Priceva can provide accurate data several times a day. In addition, Priceva sends notifications about changes in rates or any violations that may occur.

Digital Shelf Analytics

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it's key that you keep an eye on your own metrics as well as those of other retailers. By evaluating data points such as competitor pricing, items in/out of stock, share of digital shelf and more, you can tweek the sales process and deliver a memorable shopping experience for customers.

Priceva uses AI-driven algorithms and website crawlers to collect large amounts of data about the performance of competitor products. This includes information on what brands and products have the largest share of search results, identification of sponsored and promoted products, whether items are in/out stock, ratings, pricing, content health, and more.

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