Pricing Solutions for Executives

Use competitive assets trusted by category leaders in every retail industry to transform your store selection process. As a result, uncover product-level profitability, stay ahead of the competition, expand your market share, and empower your team with critical information.

Reach All Your Goals

Don't fall behind in your retail business.You'll need a future-proof retail plan. With a data-first culture and a high-performance digital business, you can guide your retail brand to become an exceptional performer.
  • Deploy solutions with smart repricing help you stay competitive on price
  • Maximize your sales effectiveness with our own pricing strategies
  • Make every merchandising, pricing, and promotional maneuver a potential profit source

Pricing for Executives

Having advanced price optimization tools at your fingertips gives you the ability to quickly respond to market changes, set prices correctly and maximize your profit margin. Priceva provides a wide variety of solutions for executives that are powered by our innovative technologies and algorithms.

Stay on top of market prices

It is crucial to monitor average market prices – they act as references for you to build positioning and sell products or services more efficiently. Our price tracker allows you to track any number of websites, even bot-proof ones. Priceva algorithms can discover the cost of products quickly and accurately, as well as historical price performance.

Get Notified About MAP Violations

With Priceva, you no longer have to stress about resellers undercutting your prices and damaging your brand positioning. Our software will send you an alert once anyone breaks a pre-set price threshold so that you can take action immediately. In addition, the MAP monitoring tool searches for products by name or SKU.

Research Your Competition's Assortment

In addition, you can explore some of our other features. For instance, we offer digital shelf analytics software that gives crucial data on marketplaces and search engines. That includes assortment, availability, product page content, buyer queries, user reviews, and sales data. With this feature, you can compare competitor items across platforms without spending time doing manual searches.

No More Searching Day In and Day Out

Priceva will help you find relevant products if your categories of goods are difficult to discover on the market. It will go online and look for all conceivable product alternatives, scale up and examine hundreds or thousands of identical items. SKU, title, and other specifications can be used to search for goods. Our user-friendly dashboard delivers data in a clear, easy-to-understand format that can be delivered as reports.

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Other Solutions

Pricing & Promotions. Increase sales and improve bottom lines by reducing price competition.

Merchandising Teams. Send curated, fast-selling assortments to your customers at competitive prices, plus advise them on exciting personalized discounts and product combinations.

E-commerce Teams. Using AI and automation, we will assist you in achieving your digital growth goals.

Data Teams. Data-driven decision-making is no longer a luxury: it's a must to be competitive and relevant in today's retail market.

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