Competitor Price Tracking & Monitoring

  • Automated tracking and price change notifications
  • A single interface to manage all metrics
  • Comprehensive analytics help you find market opportunities
  • AI-based repricing tool creates a perfect strategy for you

Main Features

Solutions for Retailers and Brands

Pricing and Plans


Up to 40 sites/competitors
100 000 — price checks per month

Matching services available on demand:
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Up to 20 sites/competitors

20 products
  • Manual
  • Automated

Repricing module
MAP monitor module
/no credit card needed
Matching services available on demand:
  • Manual
  • Automated
Up to 30 sites/competitors
35 000 — price checks per month
Repricing module
MAP monitor module
Premium support

Custom set of features
Custom contracts & invoicing
High-performance builds with SLAs

How Priceva Works

Create an account
Enter your name, email address, and main preferences
Make a list of products
In XML, Excel or CSV files
Upload the products in an account
Publish the products in the project
Add links to sites
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Customer Stories

Why Priceva?

  • Effortless monitoring
    With Priceva, no manual work is required - it automates your analysis of the E-market by connecting to thousands of sites. You will get instant price change notifications, be the first to know about cost violations, and receive comprehensive reports. No installation required - Priceva is a cloud-based service that’s seamlessly integrated into your tool stack.
  • Fair pricing
    Depending on the size of your e-Commerce project, you can pick a suitable payment plan. Beginners can opt for our Free service, while enterprise users can opt for a personalized plan for advanced price checking.
  • In-depth statistics
    Priceva’s price monitor shows exhaustive data about competitor products: items in stock, content, search queries, and other important factors. By matching goods, you can perform a comparison in a couple of clicks and optimize your tags.
  • Versatility
    Priceva is an all-in-one monitoring tool that provides all essential services for an efficient pricing strategy. Aside from analyzing and price checking of competitors, you can build data-driven strategies, monitor availability of goods, and stay informed about possible price violations in your store.

Basic description

A simple registration in the monitoring service is enough to connect; no integration is required. During the quick start process, you need to choose a convenient way to add products, the country where you sell your products, and the purpose of price monitoring (competitor tracking or price/marginal cost control).
In order to get a comparative analysis of prices and generate price monitoring reports, you must first add or select competitors. If you change them later, the data will be dynamically recalculated by competitor price monitoring tool. You can download the necessary online price monitoring reports in Excel format or connect to the API to transfer the information about competitor companies directly to your CRM system to monitor their pricing.
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Useful Resources

With our tracking tool, our customers have achieved results that exceeded their expectations. Check out these case studies to see how Priceva can help you refine your pricing strategy and drive more sales with competitive price monitoring.

  • Vileda Case: How to Make Transparent Prices for the Entire Range of the Company
    About how Vileda, a company that sells innovative cleaning products, monitors prices, and what tasks it solves with the help of the Priceva service. Told by a key account and territorial managers of the Vileda company.
  • Abbott Case: How Price Monitoring Helps Sell Products with a Long Planning Horizon
    Learn how price and availability monitoring helps Abbott Nutrition's division to work effectively in a long planning corridor from an interview with the company's E-commerce Head, Denis Boldyrev.

  • Arс case: Minimum Effort, Maximum Transparency
    This case will tell you how the MSRP is monitored in the Consumer Goods division of the ARС company, how the work is done, why it is needed and what results it gives.

  • P2Pet Case: Current Low Price as a Sales Growth Driver
    The innovative P2Pet project is an ecosystem of services and products for pets, covering all areas of pet care in one project. We will tell you in this case about the project itself and why it needs daily monitoring of prices for more than 4 thousand products.

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