Pricing Solutions for Business Analysts

In order to stay competitive in the retail industry, you need to have relevant market insights and real-time pricing data at your fingertips. With Priceva, you can scan prices easily and automate the task of market monitoring. Our software delivers relevant pricing data, makes formula-based pricing suggestions and helps with building efficient pricing strategies.

Reach All Your Goals

  • Get in-depth market insights and monitor your true competitors in real time
  • Test various pricing scenarios and develop the best approach for your business
  • Make data-driven decisions and reduce the risk of human mistakes
  • Automate price analysis and save a lot of time for your team; let our algorithms do all the work
  • Get more details about competitors’ products with full-fledged digital shelf analytics
  • Stay in control of resellers’ pricing actions and detect violations instantly

Pricing for Retail & Business Analysts

If you run an online retail business, it is crucial to keep an eye on competitor quotes. Retail giants use big data to explore the market, but you can integrate similar solutions too. Priceva’s algorithms are built to crawl thousands of websites and products every day; we use proprietary technologies to access even bot-proof websites. Our software does not require installation and tech integration; just choose the tools that suit your goals.

Streamline Repricing and Automate Updates

You don’t have to spend time figuring out price updates for each and every item; Priceva’s repricing tool will process big data and come up with formula-based suggestions. Adjust product prices as often as you need with fresh datasets delivered up to several times a day. The process can be fully automated; you don’t need to manage repricing all over your sales channels manually.

Optimize Prices

There is no need to spend months developing and testing pricing strategies; price optimization software by Priceva will do it much faster. Our tool analyzes prices and historical sales data and provides pricing recommendations based on the elasticity of demand.

Stay Flexible and Agile

Stay proactive: implement dynamic pricing software by Priceva. It keeps track of your and your competitors’ prices and generates automatic price recommendations based on certain formulas and rules. Set conditions for price updates: adjustments can be made according to the current inventory or sales targets. You can also enable automatic price renewal all over your retail channels to save time.

Get In-Depth Analytics and Market Overview

There’s no need to guess the correct prices because you can make data-driven decisions with detailed market insights at your fingertips. Priceva’s price intelligence software delivers all the essential data: price updates, comparison of rates, and information on competitors’ pricing strategies. Data is served in our intuitive dashboard — no learning required.

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Other Solutions

Pricing and Promotions
Explore the market, find reference prices and test scenarios, and develop super-efficient promo campaigns.

E-commerce Teams
Get data-driven market and competitor insights, fully automate the process of repricing and price formation, and boost your sales.

Data Teams
Process tons of pricing and product data flawlessly — let our algorithm analyze your competitors and provide you with formula-based pricing recommendations.

Find strong points in your products to improve monetization, figure out prices that align with your brand positioning, and get actionable market insights.

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