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Product Matching

  • Easy scalability: compare as many products as you need
  • Precise item analysis using SKU, title, parameters, etc.
  • Neat and comprehensive data structured in a single dashboard
  • Proprietary technologies for accurate results and constant improvement

Powerful Features

Flexible Pricing
Customize the service according to your budget
Easy Setup
Our team will help you get started
Flexibility & Customization
Manual, Hybrid and Auto matching available
High Matching Accuracy
Save your time and get the best results possible

Product Matching Software

In the retail sphere, staying on par with competitors is hard, and outperforming them is doubly so. With so many identical products around, you need advanced analytical tools to explore the market and craft a better pricing and promo strategy.

Product matching software automates this task: bots crawl your competitors’ online stores in search of a similar match or identical positions. That saves your team hours of manual work, but machines make mistakes and can select the wrong items. That prompts the question: how to choose quality matching software that can be tailored to your business requirements? You’ve just found it: meet Priceva’s product matching tool.

We offer three types of matching service:

  • Manual - done by our team and you - when you need information about up to several thousand products.
  • Hybrid - done manually and by algorithms - when you need to analyze items that lack unified parameters, which complicates the search.
  • Automated - done by our algorithms - when you need to compare a huge number of products.

Our advanced matching tool allows you to analyze both high-profile marketplaces and more private online stores for getting an in-depth overview of competitors’ prices. Driven by our proprietary technology, our crawlers reach even bot-proof retail websites and fetch information where others fail.

Save time for what really matters

Automatic product matching saves your team hundreds of hours since you don’t have to perform manual analysis - let our team handle this challenge. Let Priceva's matching team know which items you want to compare for your eCommerce project, specify the product parameters to analyze and we will find the fullest possible list of analogs.

Thanks to the unbeatable speed of crawling, you will get your first dataset within the first months of work - this period is enough to test and polish the efficiency of crawlers in your particular sphere. With in-depth product analysis done so flawlessly, you can save time to make informed decisions and take further action.

Detailed product data at your fingertips

Our bots find matching items according to pre-set attributes: title, parameters and so on. Whatever the product in question is - clothing or furniture - you can discover clones or similar products to perform further comparison.

No need to create sophisticated tables for your marketing and sales teams. Priceva offers an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate - you will see a full list of matching products with clickable links. Compare and analyze without leaving your dashboard, or export ready-made Excel reports as often as you need.

Data-driven improvements

Our product matching tool can be customized by adding more parameters for comparison and manually picking the right matches, which means your results will be improved with each search. As you keep adding more product attributes, you get more accurate analysis. Add to that human verification of items (which is available in all three versions of the service), and the quality of your research will be unbeatable. With Priceva, you can reach up to 100% matching precision.

Product matching made easier than ever

Priceva’s product matching tool allows you to:

  • Analyze hundreds or thousands of items
  • Customize your area of search, for example, compare items on large marketplaces and/or smaller retail stores, as well as particular brands
  • Discover matching products based on your requirements and certain attributes
  • Get relevant information about products
  • Compare items and make informed decisions

Stay on top of the competition by having up-to-date information about similar or relevant items. Big data drives big improvements.

Customer Stories

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Useful Product Matching Resources

Check out the stories of our customers who have already tried the Priceva product matching tool and managed to improve their marketing statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is product matching?
Product matching is the process of finding identical, relevant or similar products on competitors’ online stores (marketplaces, brand websites, etc). Item search can be based on certain parameters, such as title, size, color, volume, flavor, price, and so on. This sort of analysis allows retailers to compare item prices and improve market intelligence.
How does product matching work?
In manual product analysis, people find and collect links to items to be added to the database. Hybrid matching starts with automatic search that’s based on certain attributes, but its results are checked by humans because parameters may coincide only partially.

Automated matching is done by bots that match items by a product code or other parameters if there is no common SKU and standard designation. The Priceva team searches for attributes and launches the tool. The crawler will scan either particular stores or a cluster of eCommerce projects to find matching products. The product metadata is delivered in the form of a table or list.
How can product matching benefit me?
It’s a cost-efficient method of market analysis and global competitor research. After comparing competitors’ items, you can segregate your products into convenient categories, rethink your pricing strategy, and refine your catalog. Data-driven decisions help retailers improve customer experience and achieve higher conversion.
What is product matching software?
Product matching software is a set of automated tools for product research. Priceva uses proprietary algorithms to improve matching accuracy and achieve a higher similarity score. Automatch makes it possible to perform market research several times faster and cheaper, especially when dozens or hundreds of items are analyzed.
How is Priceva’s product matching solution different?
Thanks to our patented algorithm, users enjoy higher matching accuracy scores. Plus, Priceva crawlers often manage to fetch information from sites that don’t give consent to share metadata with bots. On top of that, search results are displayed in a neat, easy-to-navigate interface with customizable fields and filters.

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