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We are a young and rapidly developing company in the field of price monitoring. In the About Us section, we would like to share with you our history, our visions and mission in the e-commerce sphere.

Our Story

Priceva is found

Sep 2016. Testing of the service is completed and the Priceva functionality become available to users.

Demo Account

Oct 2016. A demo account filled with data and updated in real time become more accessible.

Repricing Function

Nov 2016. The emergence of the Reprising function on Priceva.

MAP and MSRP Monitoring

Feb 2017. The appearance of a new type of account created specifically to control or monitor MAP and MSRP.

Automatic Matching

Nov 2017. Function releases - collecting information about products from competitors' websites and automatic matching with your assortment.

New Logo

Dec 2018. The upgrading of the company logo. You can now see it on the website and in the program interface.

Analog Monitoring
Dec 2019. The new functionality allows you to compare similar products within the same group card.
AI for Sales Forecasting
Feb 2021. Demand forecasting using AI allows solving variable tasks: predictive pricing, supply management, forecasting the effectiveness of promotions, search and management of KVI positions, and much more.
Marketplaces Monitoring
Aug 2021. Possibility to monitor prices not only by site pages, but also by offers within marketplaces that are on the same product card.

Why Priceva?

  • Effortless monitoring
    Using Priceva, there is no need to do manual work - it automates your analysis of the E-market by connecting to thousands of sites. Instant price change notifications will be given to you, so you will be the first to know about cost violations, and receive comprehensive reports. No installation required - Priceva is a cloud-based service that’s seamlessly integrated into your tool stack.
  • Fair pricing
    Depending on the size of your e-Commerce project, you can pick a suitable payment plan. Beginners can opt for our Free service, while enterprise users can opt for a personalized plan.
  • In-depth statistics
    Priceva’s price monitor shows exhaustive data about competitor products: items in stock, content, search queries, and other important factors. By matching goods, you can perform a comparison in a couple of clicks and optimize your tags.
  • Versatility
    Priceva is an all-in-one monitoring tool that provides all essential services for an efficient pricing strategy. Aside from analyzing competitor pricing, you can build data-driven strategies, monitor availability of goods, and stay informed about possible price violations in your store.

Our Vision

We see a future where buyers will become more price-aware, because the Internet will be more accessible and much more people will learn how to use it. There will be more tools to find out and compare product prices. This will increase the speed and mobility within the framework of price awareness among consumers.

The factor of price awareness directly affects the behaviour of buyers and their price sensitivity. This, in turn, will bring tangible discomfort to both online and offline retailers, because they will need to be able to quickly adapt to the trend of mass awareness of prices. Sellers will need appropriate tools to attract and retain loyal customers, promptly respond to changes in the market in order to reprice products and make prices attractive to customers.

Our Mission

Priceva, as a developing IT-company, offers a price monitoring service for retailers, which will reduce the time for price comparison and revaluation of goods. The platform provides the necessary analytical tool that allows a company to increase profits, make the right decisions on pricing and collect data about the market.

Priceva service will allow sellers to adapt to the conditions of high price awareness among buyers in the future. Responding and adapting to changes in the market will become noticeably faster and more efficient, which will allow brands not to lose the customer base, not to reduce sales and solve the tasks set.

On Press

Priceva Update Their Database With New Stores
The team at Priceva seems relentless in delivering the best possible experience to the different stakeholders in the eCommerce industry as the platform continues to update their database.
Priceva continues to improve their platform
The company's dedication to providing the best possible experience for eCommerce stakeholders is evident as they strive to keep their database up to date. With this effort, Priceva aims to enhance their service and provide more accurate information to their users.
The Priceva team is constantly updating their database
Priceva is continuously adding new stores to their database, demonstrating their commitment to providing a top-notch e Commerce experience.
Priceva is dedicated to keeping their database up-to-date
With their ongoing database updates, Priceva is ensuring that all those involved in the eCommerce industry receive the most comprehensive and efficient service possible.

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