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  • Yuri

    « I have never seen a better support job. I read good reviews in advance, about the company's work, but the reality exceeded my expectations. In less than a month, we set up all our campaigns, I learned a lot myself and taught my team, who now operates the service daily at work. Now we are already in combat mode. The service greatly facilitated our work on monitoring and pricing. True, we periodically check it manually for distortions or failures, but everything is cool! So glad I found this service!».

  • Alexander

    “Any issue is resolved quickly. There are no long auto-responders, “write in the feedback form”, anonymous operators, and other things, as is often the case now in IT companies.».

  • Anastasia

    “User-friendly interface, everything is accessible and understandable. The information is always up-to-date. You can choose the most convenient subscription for your company. Support always promptly answers all your questions — a big plus!»

  • Dmitry

    "Clear statistics, convenient filters, a large number of metrics with the ability to use them for repricing. The subscription fee is one of the lowest on the market.»

  • Art

    «First of all, I liked the quality of the work. Before starting, they always ask in great detail what exactly needs to be parsed and in what form. The process itself is very fast, after paying the bill within 2 - 3 days they provide a ready-made table with all the necessary data.»

  • Victor

    «Everything is easy to set up, monitoring is carried out without any further control, one might say, on autopilot, as a result, our prices are always slightly lower than those of competitors. Support is responsive – your issue will definitely be resolved!”»

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