Pricing Solutions for Sporting Goods

With Priceva's rule-based pricing, you can reduce repricing time up to 50% while streamlining your operations and switching to more complex price rules and logic.

Reach All Your Goals

The sporting goods industry can be a difficult one to break into. There are a few large companies that dominate the market, and it can be hard to compete with them. You need to have a good product and a good marketing and pricing strategy to succeed in this industry.
Reprice up to 50% quicker and more often across a variety of locations and currencies
Increase your retail coverage by analyzing a huge number of competitors
Use any combination of variables and levels to calculate pricing logic, with analysis at the SKU level
Offer the best prices on your entire range of products faster than your competition

Pricing for Sporting Goods Retailers & Brands

Manage pricing globally to ensure profitability

International firms in the sporting goods business must pay extra attention to price-conscious consumers in various nations — one country's pricing may not be feasible in another.

Priceva's MAP software is extremely beneficial for retailers who want to keep track of pricing policy in multiple regions. You can analyze an unlimited number of local markets and get information that will help you set your prices apart from the competition, as well as reach out to your target audience no matter where they are located.

Create your own pricing strategy

Set up separate pricing rules for various product categories in your assortment depending on supply and demand, competitors' actions, and major market problems. Priceva tracker will constantly keep an eye on competitors' prices, providing you with actionable insights and pricing recommendations based on our proprietary algorithms. This is a more cost-effective way to manage price monitoring and analysis than doing it manually.

Go above and beyond your competition

Every market is fiercely competitive in the retail industry, but you only need to know who your true competitors are. You may discover comparable items and services with our product matching tool, which lets you build accurate databases and comparison reports. Our algorithms keep track of pricing and availability for each item so you can check up on your rivals without getting bogged down in analysis.

How Priceva Works

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Build your product list
  • Utilize XML, Excel, or CSV files to compile a comprehensive list of your products.
  • Upload and publish your product list within your Priceva account.
Step 3: Add website links and delegate if desired
  • Add the relevant links to the websites where your products are listed.
  • If you prefer, you can delegate the task of adding the links to our experienced team.
Step 4: Configure repricing rules
  • Establish your repricing strategy using our rule-based repricing system.
  • Customize the rules based on the specific needs of your bestsellers and various product categories.
Empower Your Business with Priceva's Price Tracking Solution
Take charge of your pricing strategy with Priceva's powerful price tracking tools.

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