Types of Campaigns: An Overview

This article delves into the various types of campaigns and the specific objectives they serve.

1. E-commerce Campaigns

This campaign type facilitates the following functions:
- Monitor competitor pricing.
- Re-assess the value of your products (repricing).

What will you get:
- Accurate, comprehensive, and reliable competitor information.
- A foundation for constructing an effective pricing strategy based on precise data.
- The key to fostering customer loyalty.

Through this campaign, you can simultaneously tackle several tasks: keep tabs on your competitors' prices, track product availability, and carry out repricing.
Explore how it looks and operates in our demo campaign.

2. Manufacturer/Brand Campaigns

This campaign type is geared towards:
- Monitoring price dumping and adhering to the recommended retail price (MAP).
- Checking product availability on shelves.
- Comparing prices of similar products.
You can always try the demo of the Manufacturer/Brand campaign.

3. Digital Shelf Analytics Campaigns

This campaign type serves the following purposes:
- Analyze category/product sales on marketplaces with regional specifics.
- Real-time viewing of assortment composition, availability, and dynamics; and the positioning of products within categories.
- Understand your ranking in marketplace search results for key terms.
- Monitor product card content.
- Analyze current competitor promotions.
- Keep an eye on reviews, including their texts, product ratings, and like/dislike ratios.
- Access comprehensive competitor information on a convenient dashboard or export it into Excel reports.
Check out the demo of this type of campaign.

How to Choose the Right Campaign Type?

Menu -> Campaigns -> Create

Within the campaign creation form, under the Account Type section, select the type that aligns with your objectives.